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Norður Nýjabæ
851 Hella,
Þykkvibær (Thykkvibaer)

Tel. +354 554 8800



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Your hosts in Hotel VOS are Gyða Árný Helgadóttir and Hallgrímur Óskarsson.

Direction: When arriving from Reykjavík you stay on the ring road nr. (1), you make a right turn on road nr. 25  just before entering the town of Hella (or a left turn just after passing Hella if you are coming the other way) - the sign will say Þykkvibær, then you drive for approx 16 km, you will see a village (Þykkvibær) on your right but you turn to LEFT and drive for about 400 meters. then turn right arriving to Hotel VOS

63° 44.441'N,
20° 36.115'W
 (ISN93: 420.886, 360.611)

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